Positive User Experience

A positive user experience entails many things.  Ease of navigation, richness of features and content are all factors.  With InnsMobile, you only need to worry about content.  Conveying your inn in the best possible manner is much different on a mobile website than it is a traditional website.  An inn’s information should be concise and brief without forcing the user to scroll through screens full of text in order to find what they’re looking for.   An inn’s photography should be appropriate for its pages with appealing shots relevant to the pages on which they appear.  These are things you, the innkeeper, have control over.  InnsMobile handles the rest.

Ease of navigation is key.  InnsMobile offers a variety of page versions which appear depending on the device used to access your mobile website.  Devices which feature a portrait and landscape configuration will alternate between page layouts when tilted.  Throughout all versions, InnsMobile offer a simple, standardized layout for menu items.  Using the pages and menu you create with InnsMobile, the software will ensure that a consistent meu appears in the same place on every page making it easy for potential guests to get around.

The latest and greatest mobile devices are defined by their features.  Years ago consumers purchased standalone GPS units for their vehicles, and now virtually every new smartphone on the market comes equipped with the same technology.  The most popular platforms offer thousands of apps from corporate and independent developers alike.  In a market where phones can do most anything a computer can — only more conveniently — it’s vitally important to offer as much as you can.  On supported devices, InnsMobile offers a single button which, when clicked, feeds directly into GPS software.  This feature can deliver potential guests directly to your door or parking lot (You have total control over the destination point) with turn by turn instructions.  Text to a friend, email to a friend and click-to-call functionality also make communication simple.  Though we recommend only utilizing it if your booking engine supports mobile, you can also link directly into your online booking and availability system.