Full control over your mobile website

Like any website, materials get outdated.  Rates, dates and promotions change – Especially for the proactive innkeeper.  What are you to do when you want to deploy a last minute special effective only for the next few days?  With a traditional website, you very possibly wait for someone with technological expertise to make the change for you, and to make matters worse you pay them to do it.  With InnsMobile, we’ve created a dynamic content management system that gives you complete control.  With it you can:

  • Change your inn’s contact information
  • Update your latitude and longitude which ties directly into GPS functions on GPS-enabled devices
  • Add, Remove or “Hide” your pages, controlling exactly what the public sees
  • Update your photography
  • Update the content of your pages
  • Customize the color scheme or “theme” of your mobile website, changing it on the fly