The Mobile Challenge

Over the years, we have worked on building a number of mobile websites. Yes, the mobi sites first and up through today’s versions. It quickly became apparent that there was no easy or cost effective solution for doing mobile websites right. In fact, doing them right is vastly more complex than building standard desktop website.

Adapting to That Future

Mobile web pages live in dog years compared to desktop web pages. Upgrades to mobile sites should be done a minimum of twice per year and even quarterly makeovers might not be frequent enough. New mobile devices are introduced at an average of 2 per day, that is 700 new potentials for each year some of which will need new page formatting delivered. Maintaining that positive visitor experience in the mobile world is a rapidly moving target.

InnsMobile has a backend for the innkeeper which is a very simple CMS (content management system) where you can create or edit your InnsMobile listing at any time. Change text or photos, add or remove pages… full content control. The InnsMobile team takes care of the rest. We do the updates and upgrades so that your mobile pages display properly for both current and new devices. The cost savings to you is huge. As we are able to spread this cost out over all of our InnsMobile clients, we are able to provide this service at an extremely affordable rate while providing a first in class mobile website.